Microsoft has added the new Data loss Prevention feature to Exchange 2016 allowing your email administrator to create new DLP policies to help protect your business.  This feature allows the restriction of employees sending out personal or organizational information relating multiple types of data such as Credit Card, Social Security, Passport and financial that should never be allowed to send out.  Microsoft has developed 80 templates to assist the mail administrator in enabling this functionality.

How it Works

This new feature allows Exchange to automatically look into a message’s subject, body and attachments while assessing conditions within the policies. An advantage of this Policy is, if any user writing an e-mail is made aware in real-time that he/she might be violating a company policy, this helps in avoiding policy violation.


The reporting function allows an immediate notification to management so the situation can be addressed quickly.

This new feature is only available in Exchange 2016. If your organization has an older version, upgrading to Exchange 2016 enables you to enable many new features in addition to Data Loss Prevention.

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