Ransomware computer viruses have become more sophisticated along with the attack methods used. The hackers have enhanced their functionality that places more importance on Ransomware protection in 2017 and beyond. We have seen ransomware used to disable access to a machine so hackers can continue to work without being tracked. Hackers of this type also use ransomware to create chaos and avoid detection accessing your network.

Ransomware attacks can be camouflaged to create a diversion while cyber criminals steal data. While your IT administrator and users are busy trying to contain the infection, criminals download files from user computers.

Ransomware can be an effective way for criminals to cover their tracks. For example, cyber criminals might install ransomware that encrypts valuable data such as log files making those files inaccessible to investigators. Even if the files are later decrypted, investigators may not look for a second attack because ransomware incidents typically receive the most attention. Investigators need to be especially vigilant: In addition to searching for the cause of the ransomware infection, they need to look into whether more attacks were performed on the machine.

For most businesses, the best practice is to wipe an infected machine and restore its files from backup providing assurance that back doors and other compromised elements of the system are removed. We can provide a protection plan for small and large companies including Cloud based backups that can run continuously or at a scheduled time to protect your data and business.

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Ransomware Notification

Ransomware Notification