1. Take a proactive approach to passwords to maintain a high level of personal and computer security.  Document all your passwords and then begin updating them until they are all strong.  Don’t forget to include upper & lower case letters, a numbers and a special character.  We suggest installing a password manager or keeping them written down in a secure but easy access location.

2. Make an ongoing list of topics you need more info on. Research one item each week from your list. If you don’t have the time to attend a traditional training seminar, use YouTube as a quick research library. YouTube contains tons of useful videos that make learning easy.

3. Install an Anti-Ransomware application to protect your files from being encrypted. We receive calls from clients that have been hit with Ransomware. The best protection is to be proactive with a current backup and a strong Anti-Ransomware utility to guard against damage caused by Ransomware damage.  We can provide you with a Cloud Based backup and Anti-Ransomware utility.

4. Install a Malware checker that scans your PC for malicious applications. This is a great way to upgrade your computer security.  We recommend Malwarebytes. You can use the free edition and run it manually or the corporate edition that can be scheduled to run automatically. We are a Malwarebytes Partner and can assist you with this useful utility.

5. Make sure you are running a strong Anti-Virus. We recommend ESET Endpoint Security or ESET Endpoint Anti-Virus.  Both products provide very good protection and are self-updating. We are an ESET Partner and can provide assistance with your computer security

We hope you benefit from this posting. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these points, feel free to call us at 630/953-3100 or email us at TG@TomorrowsSolutions.com

Wishing you a Safe and Happy New Year,

The Team at Tomorrow’s Internet Solutions, Inc.