Identity Theft Protection

In today’s world with data breaches reported weekly, it’s virtually impossible to keep your personal information secure. We can provide you with a report of Data Breaches that contains your personal information. Being in that group, your personal information is normally up for sale on the Dark Web where hackers where other criminals buy your information and use it for illegal purposes such as opening bank accounts in your name, filing an illegal tax return in your name to get a refund in your name. Legal Shield service monitors the use of your personal information on the Internet. When activity is detected, you are quickly notified and Legal Shield provides assistance in determining the extent of the problem and assistance and rectifying the damage. This protection is provided 24x7x365 allowing you to live your life. We can show you actual alerts received through this protection.

Benefits Include:

  • Identity Consultation & Advice
  • Identity and Credit Monitoring
  • Identity Threat and Credit Inquiry Alerts
  • Complete Identity Restoration
  • Direct Access to Licensed Private Investigators
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracker
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Password Manager
  • Mobile App
  • $5 Million Service Guarentee
  • And More… Individual and group protection is available