Video Marketing

Advertising your business with our Video Marketing service will list your video on the first page of Google. Our service includes an evaluation of the key SEO words for your industry. We use specialized tools to identify the best low ranking words for your industry.

Our Video Marketing Service includes the following:


  1. We create a one minute video for your business. It can be from one of your customers or an employee of your business. If you don’t have someone available for a video, we can make a generic video with our own resources.
  2. We create a custom YouTube channel for you, upload your custom video and add Search Engine Optimization parameters to it.
  3. We submit your videos to the major search engines.
  4. If specialized key words can be found for your business, this process should increase your ranking on the major search engines.
  5. That video can now be added to your website so your customers get a greater presentation of your business.
  6. Visitors to your site will be more inclined to call you based on customer testimonials. Video works faster than text based testimonials.