VoIP Phones

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What is a VoIP Phone?

A VoIP phone is a telephone that uses voice over IP technology to send and receive calls over the internet. By converting your voice into a digital cloud-based format, VoIP phones can deliver greater flexibility, features and mobility at a reduced cost. VoIP phones are commonly referred to as IP phones. They work just like your standard analog desk phone. They use an Ethernet connection to connect to your company’s network and is forwarded to a virtual phone system that handles your communications.

What Makes a VOIP Phone Better?

Reduced Overhead
Your typical telephone service for business requires an on-premise coltroller called a PBX. VoIP phones, just need an internet connection. The on-premise PBX is replaced with a virtual phone system that handles the rest.
Reduced Overhead

VoIP phones run on cloud-based software allowing them to receive automatic updates. This feature keeps your system up to date in a secure and low cost manner. No more on-premise PBX to maintain.

Take Calls Anywhere
If an employee is out of the office, their VOIP calls can be routed to their mobile phone. Using a VOIP App, they can call out and your company’s Caller-ID can be displayed as if they were in the office making that call.
Take Calls Anywhere

VoIP phones offer a more flexible infrastructure including features not available on most phones such as easy call routing to mobile phones, dial plans that route calls to multiple staff, after hours routing to a answerring service with easily customized schedules, and did we mention lower cost compared to traditional systems?