About Us

Our Company Mission

The TIS Mission is simple, help businesses large and small reduce the complexities of technology by offering managed services thus reducing costs.

The TIS Philosophy

TIS operates on a simple Philosophy which can be traced backed to our roots. We believe that our clients are family. And as a member of your family, we will always do what is right for your business regardless of our personal interests.

We can deliver on projects

We rely on our network of existing clients to refer us to other potential clients,wenwill earn your trust and keep you happy by providing you with the highest level of quality support around. When we tell you something or suggest an implementation strategy, you can rest assured that we have done our homework and that this is the best solution to your problem given the information at hand. If something needs attention,we’ll let you know about it immediately. We plan our projects so they complete properly. Surprises in our business are normally not good. We perform our due diligence to help insure your project completes properly with no surprises.


PO Box 991 Lombard Il. 60148

Phone: 630-953-3100

Email: tg@tomorrowssolutions.com

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