Our Staff of Network Admins and Support Staff

Tony Giangreco


After gaining fifteen years of corporate IT experience, Tony decided to move forward with his own IT Services business. Starting with a few small clients, the business grew quickly and larger clients came on board with longer-range projects. 

Tony Giangreco is the founder and president of Tomorrow’s Internet Solutions, Inc. Founded in 2000, our team focuses on providing professional, prompt service. 


Sales and Marketing Director

Alex keeps busy with marketing and sales communications. He contacts new customers and follows up on existing customers to see if we can improve the service. 


Server and Active Directory Engineer

Eric has become our Global Server Engineer. His background includes writing and publishing a 300 page book on Windows Server. He is a master at designing solutions for clients from small to enterprise. He is currently single handedly migrating enterprise clients to the cloud. Eric has become a hero for us over the years. He has an expert understanding of Windows servers and everything they do. When you become a customer of ours, Eric will probably join the project to check your servers also.

Dell Rack Server


Server Administrator and Network Specialist

Miguel joined us as our resident server administrator and network specialist. He brings 20 years of corporate IT experience over many enterprise level products and services including Windows Server and Meraki Firewalls. If you bring us on board to provide network security or network upgrades, there is a good chance Miguel will be providing service on that project.

Dell Rack Server


Cabling and Security Camera Expert

Cesar is our CAT5 and CAT6 structured cabling expert. He has over thirty years of experience installing network cable for voice, data and IP including security systems.  Cesar started way back when everything came through the phone company and all we had were copper lines from the telephone pole. Cesar advanced into PBX phone systems and learned to install network cabling, network jacks throughout all types of facilities and graduated into CAT5, CAT6 structured cabling.  If you need network cabling or jacks installed, it’s a good bet we would bring Cesar in for that project. 

He is well seasoned professional and has not called in sick for the last fifteen years. 

Cat6 Network rack with HP Cure switches


Our PBX Phone System Master

Harry began with ATT close to forty years ago. He was a lineman and progressed into installing and programming PBX systems from ATT, Nortel, Avaya, Panasonic and others. 

Harry’s extensive knowledge of PBX systems carved a niche out that kept him busy for twenty years. He advanced those skills into managing and installing network cabling projects for large companies in the Chicago area. Harry is still our PBX guru. If you need service on a PBX system or network cabling project, we would probably include Harry in that project. 

Nortel Phone