IT Services

Firewall Security

We are proud to be a Sonicwall Partner. The Sonicwall line of firewalls are very scalable and can provide a very high level of security protection that no other company provides to the SMB market. We recommend the Sonicwall Capture APF service which utilizes a Virtual Sandbox to verify all files are clean and safe before allowing then into your network.

Server, Desktop & network Maintenance

Our team provides onsite and remote services to depending on what is required. We service all Windows Servers and Desktops, firewalls, routers and network switches. We use enterprise grade Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Virus and Backup tools to provide the utmost in security and disaster recovery products.

Data Backups

We provide Cloud and On-Premise backups depending on your need. We can provide both is you would like that level of protection. Our cloud backup service backs up your files in the background while you work. This service takes the pressure off you to perform periodic backups and then store then in an appropriate and secure location.

Website Security

We have tools to inspect the security of your website and upgrade it with an Business Grade SSL Certificates that shows visitors your website is secure and has not been spoofed.

Website Development

Our team has a full set of business website templates ready to use for most industries. If you need a basic to medium level website for your business, we can get you started quickly using one of our pre-designed templates. We have 230 templates to select from.

Video Marketing

We can evaluate your website and develop a plan to build up your company’s reputation. Visitors to your site are more inclined to call you when they see a video testimonial or video presentation on your site. Video adds a whole new dimension that yesterday’s testimonials can’t complete with.  Most search engines rand websites with video much higher than traditional websites. Elevate your web presence by adding video marketing to your website.  With the proper search words on your website and videos, you should see increased traffic that should help sales.

Website Marketing

Our marketing team can provide SEO Service (Search Engine Optimization) on your website videos and press releases. Our team can create video testimonials for your website and build multiple YouTube channels for your business to provide a high traffic environment. We employ White Hat procedures to keep your website in good standings with the guidelines Google uses. Our process can elevate your website and keep them there. Our pricing is a fraction of the normal pricing changed for Pay For Click programs sold by many marketing companies.

We have experience in the following industries: Accounting, Construction, Dental, Environmental Controls, Financial, Health Care, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Medical, Printing, Property Management, Training, Transportation and Vehicle Sales.

We work with vendors such as APC, Apple, Cisco, Dell, ESET, HP, Microsoft, Panasonic, Sonicwall, Symantec and VMWare to provide a wide range of solutions and Services that keep your business running smooth.

Night vision is probably the most important aspect of a camera overall. Our standard recommendation is the Matrix IR.

The Matrix IR leverages a steady stream of infrared light that outweighs the traditional infrared technology. When compared to a traditional camera at night, the Matrix IR camera is superior.

Smart Tracking is an innovative technology for Smart PTZ cameras, which increases the effectiveness of the video surveillance system, especially in locations where the occasional presence of people or vehicles requires special attention.

This is our 5MP IP High Definition Vandal Proof (IK10 rating) Dome with a motorized lens allowing you to zoom in live and built-in microphone. Very high quality and durability.

We install Sonicwall Firewall Appliances with the SonicWall TotalSecure option.

This is the next-generation firewall and the complete suite of the network security services you need.

The Dell T630 server provides the flexibility for demanding workloads with 2-socket performance and huge internal storage capacity.

TotalSecure Advanced Edition stops known and unknown threats like ransomware, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans and other malware, in a single convenient bundle.